1. Yearly Block Party

    We have a block party every summer and it seems like every year that it starts to get bigger and bigger. It is so fun for the kids because they can play in the street safely. We order bounce houses and the clowns make animals out of balloons. All the BBQ’s are pulled out to the street and lots of cooking takes place. At the end of the day a dusk we always provide fireworks for the party.

    A guy that I worked with arrived later on that evening with a woman from Derby escorts to watch the fireworks. He had told me ahead of time that he would be bringing a guest with him. She helped me with the clean up of the party at the end of the evening and we now are best friends!

  2. Backing Out

    I purchased two tickets to go out on a river tour about three months ago, I was so excited! It is very hard to get tickets when the boat is in town because they go very fast. I was ok with getting the lower level of the boat but I did want the upper level.

    I asked my lady friend if she would like to accompany me and she ended up backing out at the very last minute. My next alternative was to call the Nottingham escorts agency to see if they could send a gal on over for me. They did and she met me right in the parking lot where the boat was to shove off. Needless to say, I had a great time with this female escort! The night was still young when we got back and we ended up hanging out at my house watching movies the rest of the night.

  3. Oh why not?

    It was so stereotypical. The former high school nerd is left dateless again. No date for senior prom and now no date for the first major class reunion either. It’s not that Sheila had never had a date, the reality was far from that. In fact, as an employee of escorts in Mansfield she often had several dates per night. But these aren’t the kind of dates who would want to go to a high school reunion.

    Left with few alternative options, Sheila decided to bite the bullet and call in a favor from a co-worker. She speed dialed Allen. He was tall and dashing with green eyes that would leave the former cheerleaders green with envy. The best part of the arrangement, though Sheila, was that at the end of the night she could be sure she’d be walked home and given at least a good night kiss, maybe more.

  4. Tired of Pubs, Just Want a Date

    Finding someone isn’t as easy as they might make it look on TV or in film. Sure you can go out to the pub night after night, hope to see a new face, try and strike up a conversation and hope that things go well. But no one seems to realize how much time and money that takes, or how discouraging it is when that doesn’t work. So I decided there had to be another way and turned to Leeds escorts. It simplified the whole thing, and it made my nights out easier and more fun. I didn’t have to worry about being alone or trying to find someone to go out with me. Now I can concentrate on just enjoying where I’m going and what it is I’m doing, now that I know I can find someone to go out and have fun with of an evening.

  5. My First Tattoo

    I finally got my first tattoo the other day and even though it hurt, the experience was still pretty interesting. The pain was sharp, but it felt good in an odd way. Half way through my tattoo, the artist asked if I had a husband or a fuck buddy. It caught me off guard at first and made me snicker, but at the end of my appointment I gave in to him. Not even two days later he called me to go out on a date and then have dinner back at his house. His cooking was absolutely spectacular, amongst many other things. If all goes well and he does not get too attached for us to keep hanging out, then I think I will keep him around for a while. I am not seeking a relationship, so him not getting attached quickly is a pretty huge deal for me.